Dairy farmers : naturally respecting nature

Committed dairy farmers

audited farms
trained advisors
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Objective : Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing dairy farms’ performance.

The Low carbon dairy Farm initiative is supported and developed by the French Dairy Interbranch Organization (Cniel), with the aim of reducing French dairy farms’ greenhouse gas emissions.
Dairy farmers engaged in the Low Carbon Dairy farm initiative receive individual advice and are being proposed solutions, specifically adapted to their farm and ambitions. On the field, this support is made possible thanks to advisors from Chambers of Agriculture, French Milk Recording Umbrella companies and dairy companies, trained in the CAP'2ER® diagnostic tool.

Key figures of the initiative

Figures (averages) to make the investment and the results of the breeders and the dairy sector action more concrete.

tons of carbon stored in farm’s soils
ha of biodiversity maintained by a farm
people fed by a farm
238 000
jobs created by dairy farming
milk carbon footprint (kg CO2 eq / L)
reduction target for milk carbon footprint by 2025